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The site tengwar.info is meant to offer an overview on a variety of tengwar modes. For a long time, I have been dissatisfied with the tengwar modes that can be found on the internet. With very few excepctions – see in the links section – most are ill-founded. That goes from harmless issues like simple ignorance of the tengwar texts that have been published in the last twenty years or like general absence of sources to very serious issues like ridiculous misinterpretations of Tolkien’s texts or outright invention of new facts. At the same time, most explanations of tengwar modes are overly complicated – as if you needed a phonetics course in order to understand the tengwar.

This site is my try – actions speak louder than words – at actually improving things. In the future, I want to build up a growing collection of tengwar, the ones that have been used by Tolkien but also – based on them – modes for other languages.


This website has been written by j. ‘mach’ wust. If you have questions about the tengwar, you are welcome to reach me at the elfscript2 mailing list or – for questions specific to the Freetengwar Font Project – at the at the freetengwar-discuss mailing list. You may also post to the German-language Mellyn Lammath forum. For personal mail, you can reach me at j_maREMch_OVEwuTHISst@tengwTEXTar.info.

Latest update: 2013-07-14. Copyright © 2012-2013 j. ‘mach’ wust.