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Tengwar modes (under construction!)

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Which tengwar mode should I choose?
Tengwar modes by language

Which tengwar mode should I choose?

Choosing a tengwar modes depends on three questions:

  1. In what language do you want to write in tengwar (English, Quenya, German etc.)?
  2. Do you want to write the vowels as normal letters (full writing mode) or as tehtar [Tehtar are small signs written over/under/in the normal letters.] (tehtar mode)?
  3. Do you want to write according to traditional spelling (orthographic mode) or strictly according to pronunciation (phonemic mode)?

In case of doubt or for starters, I recommend the orthographic full writing mode in the language you have chosen, because that is the easiest mode.

With regard to English and Elvish modes, one might additionally ask which mode was used most frequently by Tolkien.

Tengwar modes by language


Full writing mode Tehtar mode
Orthographic English orthographic full writing mode English orthographic tehtar mode
Phonemic English phonemic tehtar mode


Full writing mode Tehtar mode
Orthographic German orthographic full writing mode German orthographic tehtar mode
Phonemic German phonemic full writing mode German phonemic tehtar mode

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